Update Your Resume Only

Update Your Resume Only

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Bring your resume to the next level!

A clean, simple, and easy to customize ATS friendly professional resume for MS Word. Your new resume can be used for any industry or I can tailor it to a specific job. Your resume is applicant tracking system (ATS) compatible. Most of the resume templates out there just look pretty and have a lot of fancy designs, texts boxes, lots of colors, and maybe even a picture. Those types of resume features can make it hard for the ATS system to scan and push your resume through to the recruiter or hiring manager. Recruiters and employers are looking for your skills and experience not a super fancy resume.

Let's get you hired!

Product Includes:

• Phone Consultation
• Tailored Resume
• Highlight Your Strengths
• MS Word (.doc) editable version
• 3 Business Day Turnaround time

 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.