"My resume was all over the place, but Jonnel provided great service and now my resume looks professional, and I was able to get the job I wanted." - Frantz Vibert

“ I felt like for 2 years I was stuck in a position that I was no longer passionate about. I obtained a Master's degree and thought I would then be able to make more money and be fulfilled professionally. I was surprised to find that as I was applying for positions and I was not getting any responses, I was not getting any callbacks or interviews. The only thing I was getting were replies saying they went with another candidate. Jonnel McIntosh completed a friend of mine's resume and he started getting positive feedback after not working for a couple of years. I figured, I would let her do mine. Ironically, not only did I start to get more responses I got a job. What I found even more ironic is that I got hired to review resumes. I can't help but to think it was because my resume was exceptional” -Tami Chambers

" I would definitely recommend this service from JFM Pro Resumes! I have a professional health-profession resume thanks to Jonnel. JFM Pro Resumes included key points in my resume that helped it stand out from the others. Keep up the good work!" - R. Coley

" I am so glad I found Jonnel. I knew my resume was a bit rusty because I had been filling out applications and I would get the "We're sorry... or Unfortunately...." emails. I was hesitant in spending money for a resume but using free templates wasn't working. Once I sent my new & improved resume & cover letter I got a "We'd like to move you to the next process in the application " email the very next day!!! Thank you so much!!!"- Duntenia Fitts