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 I am so glad I found Jonnel. I knew my resume was a bit rusty because I had been filling out applications and I would get the "We're sorry... or Unfortunately...." emails. I was hesitant in spending money for a resume but using free templates wasn't working. Once I sent my new & improved resume & cover letter I got a "We'd like to move you to the next process in the application " email the very next day!!! Thank you so much!!-
Duntenia Fitts
I would definitely recommend this service from JFM Pro Resumes! I have a professional health-profession resume thanks to Jonnel. JFM Pro Resumes included key points in my resume that helped it stand out from the others. Keep up the good work!
R. Coley
 I felt like for 2 years I was stuck in a position that I was no longer passionate about. I obtained a Master's degree and thought I would then be able to make more money and be fulfilled professionally. I was surprised to find that as I was applying for positions and I was not getting any responses, I was not getting any callbacks or interviews. The only thing I was getting were replies saying they went with another candidate. Jonnel McIntosh completed a friend of mine's resume and he started getting positive feedback after not working for a couple of years. I figured, I would let her do mine. Ironically, not only did I start to get more responses I got a job. What I found even more ironic is that I got hired to review resumes. I can't help but to think it was because my resume was exceptional
Tami Chambers
Working with JFM Pro Resumes on getting my resume professionally built was such a pleasure. She was very professional,  and worked very quickly with getting my resume completed. She made sure that the completed version was exactly what I wanted and desired. She made sure to ask questions for clarification on any gaps, and made sure to connect the pieces of my resume which in the end created a very professionally built resume. I would highly recommend anyone seeking to get a face lift for their Resume or anyone wanting their resume to stand out from the rest to hire JFM Pro Resumes!! You will not regret it!!!
Ms. Shawnee J.
Hello my name is Shawn and I have 20 years of government experience I’ve been trying to get back in for the past 5 years no luck I saw an add on indeed for resume writing service and decided to contact JFM pros and in just one week I’ve gotten interviews with two government agencies they are professional and the best I have recommended them to my friends and family they are courteous and professional I love them thank you thank you !!!!
Shawn Henson
Jonnel was so helpful! She was able to build off my old resume and really give it a fresh new look. I’m so happy with my new resume and can’t wait to start applying for jobs! I Highly recommend JFM Pro Resume. You’ll feel ready and confident to start job hunting. 
After being out of the job market for quite some time and coming back to resumé writing, I realized how things had changed so much in what employers look for. It was very overwhelming even thinking how I was going to format things differently, write about myself and express who I am to a potential employer. Jonnel was able to take my old resumé and transform it into something truly professional and something I can look at and be proud of my accomplishments.I highly recommend Jonnel

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